Can this be their future instead of the once again destruction of the village hidden in the leaf.

Do you guys not see how precious it would be if Boruto and Sarade got married and had children? Sarada(fully smiling): I'm pregnant. [Boruto spits out his ramen]

Poor Saskue ;^; I should probably appreciate my mother more, while I still have her ;^;

Sakura reminds Sasuke of his mom and Naruto reminds him of Itachi

Lol diffrent Naruto shippings, the only one i'm shipping is sasunaru!   Shipping Wall by on @deviantART

The only perfect hetero couple is Shikatema XD Then the other couples are for each others XD I ship them all. Especially KakaObi and NaruSasu

Bolt and Sarada. LOL. sorry sasuke, but i dont remeber you flirtin' very well either

Bolt and Sarada XD XD No it's just that Bolt has Natuto's genes.<--funny, but no SASUKE sucks at relations so.