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Medina of Fez, City of Fez, Morocco. Inscription in Criteria: (ii)(v)

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Fez Maroko - starożytne miasto pełne kolorów

Old Medina, Fez, Morocco

Fez, Morocco

Donkey packed with goods in medina in Fez, Morocco

this travel/pick up site says and i quote " In general, Moroccan women aren’t good looking on average the women are very Underwhelming"as a moroccan, i agree ,whats your opinion

Tanneries - Fez, Morocco

Best places to visit in morocco. Fes to Marrakech tour a very rich classic tour, to spend a few nights in desert camps. your travel to the desert will be very rich in term of culture, people, history, and wildness.

The Medina in Fez, Morocco via Artful Desperado