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"Tomate cereja"    Parece se mover para cima e para baixo na área.

"Tomate cereja" Parece se mover para cima e para baixo na área.


Primrose Field - checkered background and squares appear to undulate (Optical illusions by Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka)

Duvido! Você consegue achar o urso panda nessa imagem?

Russian artist Ilja Klemencov has hidden a giant panda amongst black and white zig-zag lines in what appears to be the latest mind-altering puzzle featuring the fluffy bear.

Tsukuba COE symposium 2005

The center square appears to be shifting over to the side.

Trick Art, Op Art, Optical Illusions, Art 3d, Honeycomb, Street Art, Trippy, Fractals, Dots

Optical Art

Opt art was also known as optical art. It created optical illusions through visual art. Victor Vasarely was a popular Opt artist.

"Beautiful" the only word I can describe this work

This person has creativity, imagination and the skill to magnificently paint what his boundless mind dictates to him ! I wish I had that enviable skill of being able to draw and paint what I'm feeling and thinking - amazing