*** Three Rivers Deep (book series) "A two-souled girl begins a journey of…


{Silent Seas by Elka Frey} Faraday returns to her childhood home and discovers her family's dark secret

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Ruby- She controls smoke and flares she is really mad at times. She hates her powers she wants to be like her little sister Clare.

Nirav Patel

Nirav Patel is a fine art photographer based in San Francisco, CA that specializes in portrait and editorial photography.

"Being brave is not the absence of fear -- it’s being scared to death but doing it anyway." Today we ask you, What is your brave?  Check out the latest article and read about how God uses our fears to help us realize that with Him we can face anything. photo via: @freepeople

We have all heard the word “brave. When I hear the word I generally associate it with the heroes that I grew up reading about in stories or watching in movies.