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Faces of Old People in Black and White Photography | InspireFirst

Collection of black and white photography of old people faces has been photographed by Saeed Al Alawi.

Every Face in the following black and white photography list of old people telling some story. If you look at these faces, not a single photo got a smiley

Faces of Old People in Black and White Photography


Photographer Lee Jeffries has shown that it’s possible by taking very expressive portraits of people. But not just any kind of people; all of his models are homeless men, women and children that he has met in Europe and the United States.



Omaheck!!  Does this say volumes or what?  Oh, to be able to sketch such emotion...  This is titled "Haiti Weeps", and I find it poignant!    DONE 4/18-19/14

2011 Pulitzer Prize Winners for Breaking News Photography

2011 Carol Guzy, Nikki Kahn and Ricky Carioti The Washington Post For their up-close portrait of grief and desperation after a catastrophic earthquake struck Haiti.

a smile changes the world


"'Diaspora Smile' is a part of an ongoing photographic project that captures the joy of elderly Tibetan refugees who lived in exile for more than fifty years." Photo by Bhanuwat Jittivuthikarn