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300 Famous Characters, Redrawn in Pixels

300 Famous Characters, Redrawn in Pixels

Inspired by Bubble Bobble, pixel artist Paul Robertson took Taito's 1986 classic's style and redrawn a whole bunch of video game and pop culture characters. 300 of them to be exact.

Food - 100 fruits, vegetables and other goods by ThisIsEllian on deviantART

Food - 100 Fruits, vegetables and other goods -pants- here, there, finished. I finished this yesterday. To celebrate, I’m going to make it a guessing game!

A while back, my brother and I made an update to the mini Street Fighter pixel characters and since...

A while back, my brother and I made an update to the mini Street Fighter pixel characters and since I noticed some traffic of the old version, I thought I’d put up the new one!

neorice:  100+ smash 4 sprites.For some reason I never compiled all of these into one of my 100-sprite sheets. So a bit late, but here’s all of them together anyway!Sprites in the style of my webcomic, found @ http://neorice.com

I don't think I ever posted this full sheet to deviantart. sprites based on characters from 100 sprites.

Pixel - Welcome Home Mockup by firstfear

This image was inspired by some of the graphics in Zelda:Minish Cap and a few Pixelled pokemon games. Pixel - Welcome Home Mockup

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This iconset for RPG Maker VX and Ace contains rips from the game Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance (for GBA). Final Fantasy Iconset (for RPG Maker VX and Ace)

Misc. pixel art (192×256) apple,  cake, pie, peppermint, mint,  coffee, tea, hot cocoa, chocolate, mug, cup, turkey leg, drumstick, ink bottle, pepper, carrot, cherries, urn, vase, pitcher, sliced lemon half, fish, seashell, shell, beef steak, meat, mushroom, cheese, wine bottle, candy

Quale: Pixel Art Really like the warm colour palette on this one. Has a great balance of bright (but harmonious) colours and neutral transition shades to tie them all together.

zit er idd vet uit! maar is dat een stereo type chinese. Omdat het ook racistisch is vind ik hem nog leuker xD

Owlboy is a brand new pixel art adventure, almost a decade in the making by indie game studio D-Pad. Looking forward to playing this hand-crafted pixel platformer.

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Game Character Sprite 07 by kemotaku Nimble Boy spritesheet for side scrolling action adventure endless runner mobile game.The files included: - Customizable Nimble