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I have a tattoo of a camera as well (but on my upper arm). Photography is a passion of mine and the tattoo is a great conversation starter.

Smile Finger Tattoo.. I totally need to get this! Not a tattoo girl but love it!!

Smile Finger Tattoo ( want thisss )

Cámara de fotos

Cámara de fotos

I love that there is a heart in the camera.I really want a camera tat.

i want a triangle tattoo (with actual reasons, not because of the hipster trend), and if i got one, it would be overlapping like this.

a triangle tattoo.

a triangle tattoo, bc I'm obsessed with triangles.


a group tattoo

Love it!! But I want my brothers name on it.

Heart Shutter Camera Tattoo On Wrist : Camera Tattoos

"create to inspire" (I think that is what it says) @Courtney Hymes  a camera kinda like this one i think. right below my elbow on the inside

Would not get a wrist tattoo, ugly location, cute tattoo camera tattoo

7377611894_a2844d6fda_m.jpg 240×240 pixels

Tattoo stylized vintage camera by Rodrigo Tattoo by Rodrigo Tattoo Clinic, via…

camera smile tattoo - Google Search

camera smile tattoo - But with obsessed.

Photography tattoo without a camera <3!

This is one of the most fun tattoos I've seen! I want this soooo bad! my next tattoo!

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Photo (The Tides)

Back henna tatoo

Feathers and Sri Yantra done by lexslibris, Babylon Tattoo in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Red Ink Tatt, Mandala Style, Feathers hangin' as well.

In flight tattoo.  Mini murder of crows?

A herd of tiny birds tattoo - tiny bird tattoo Justin Bieber's bird tattoo - tiny bird tattoo tiny bird tattoos.

Give them roots then give them wings. Love the tattoo. Not the placement.

Not sure how I feel about the branches of the tree.If they mirrored the roots in style and spread up the hand, rather than being all clumped up in the palm, I'd be in love with this tattoo. Love the idea/placement!

Lovely-Tiny-Hearts-Camera-Tattoo-Make-On-Back-Sleeve-16.jpg (574×720)

Lovely-Tiny-Hearts-Camera-Tattoo-Make-On-Back-Sleeve-16.jpg (574×720)

Camera tattoos (54)

Tatuagens de cameras-Cam Tattoos-07

Drops Of Jupiter: tattoo tuesday.