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Renegade Craft Fair Round-Up: Wedding Splurges Edition

I hate the traditional packaged invitations with bows and multiple envelopes that use too much paper and multiple stamps.


Long type only invite. And wierd that I live pretty close to the Riley apple farm.

The invitation is packaged in a small paper box, wrapped in kraft paper and covered in a mixture of vintage stamps from The Paper Nickel. A custom designed label printed on sticker paper is adhered to the front of each.

Vintage-Style Envelopes Add an old-timey touch to your wedding invitation envelopes with a mix of antique stamps in vibrant colors.

7 Pie Crusts With Big Personalities | The Kitchn

7 Pie Crusts With Big Personalities

Homestead Survival: Triple Berry Pie Recipe & How To Create This Crust is this just beautiful? pies were my thing.I haven't baked a pie in .except Thanksgiving pumpkin.or blackberry cobber.