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A Husband And Wife Want Privacy On Their Porch, But Instead Of Curtains...THIS Is Incredible!

A husband and wife want privacy on their porch, but instead of hanging curtains...THIS is incredible!

Idea...could you set a" bottle brick" with a removable bottom in the wall and have a fun, secret place?

Glass Bottle Walls I'm saving all of my blue wine bottles for one by the pool

Colored glass bottle bottoms, made into a rainbow. Make one wedge of it.

North Lincolnshire Council commissioned Gillian Hobson to create a sculpture for the refurbished garden at The Cygnets, a respite care home for children with severe learning disabilities.

The Art Of Up-Cycling: Bottle Wall Art- Who Knew Bottles Are So Versitle....

Make a bottle wall between the chimney & furnace - non flamable & lets light through WC WineBottle Strip of lighting.

30,000 bottles of beer on the wall... | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Glass bottle wall with honeycomb pattern. I'm sure if you let the other side be uncovered also it'd look amazing. Something for all my wine bottles Jenn?

glass bottle wall- www.spiritysol.com

I thought I'd share some pictures of the glass bottle wall that we built last summer at my Mom's house, outside of town.

PLASTIC BOTTLE HOUSE --Built from thousands of plastic bottles, La casa ecológica de botellas was designed and constructed by Alfredo Santa Cruz and his family in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina. Lit with outside light, softened by the clear plastic, it is a surprisingly beautiful (and waterproof!) structure. There are more photos and some stats as to what it’s made of at Inhabitots.     The Ecological Bottle House exemplifies the concept of self sustainability and demonstrates how a bit of…

a house built from thousands of recycled plastic bottles in Santa Cruz Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

I want a glass bottle wall.So neat!!They are really beautiful when the sun shines through too. Use with the backyard kitchen and fireplace

Recycled Wild West Architecture: Rhyolite's "Bottle House"

The Bottle Wall - great site for many examples    Introducing the Bottle Wall, a peculiar form of stained glass. You won't see any mention of bottle walls or bottle houses in the stately and academic tomes of stained glass history. But stained glass it is, and it deserves recognition.

Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village in Simi Valley, California mosaic with bottles