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B T S ~♡ They're still cute! I mean the glow ups and puberty did them well but they were so cute when there were younger as well!!!

And look at the BTS haters hating on this boys not knowing their true stories and colors. Each BTS member should be well loved and appreciated. Happy ARMY Anniversary to me! Today is my favorite day 🦄🌟- G

Rise like the stars you are! Dreams come true when you stay true to yourself

Yoongi // BTS

BTS tepkiler

Musiałam :D # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad

Que hará un omega que va a ser poseído por un alfa que apenas conoce.… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

Solo Quiero Ser Feliz - YoonMin Y KookV

Que hará un omega que va a ser poseído por un alfa que apenas conoce.

#wattpad #fanfic ❝--Eres un viejo cascarrabias.       --Tu madre se me pone de rodillas.       --Te quedarás solo, nadie nunca te querrá.       --¿Que clase de primera cita es esta?        --¡Jamas sere tu novio! Eres un mocoso. ❞       ►BoyxBoy/mpreg.       ►Yoonmin.       ►No adaptaciones.       ►Capítulos cortos...

【Eternal┃Yoonmin】 - Diecinueve y veintidós #4

Park Minna always gets bullied by other students because she is an ou… # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

Rapmon be like what am I doing with my life xD

#wattpad #fanfic ~Una chica de 17 años llamada _____, es una chica fanática de BTS, al saber que BTS irá a su país no duda en comprar los boletos para el concierto. Lo que no sabe es que su vida estaba apunto de cambiar, por ver a su banda favorita en la calle e ir a saludarlos, sus padres la olvidaron, dejándola a...

•Enloqueciendo con BTS•

One of my favourite BTS pictures aswell, I love the colors, nd everyone looks so fluffy!

@OliviaHenning||This is old but I couldn't resist pinning this because of their smiles

A part of "Wings" photoshoot like this, is just pleasant.for the ARMYs, they get to see their idols smiling🙂😘

Umm why does Jungkook look different here. I don't think that's him....WHERES JUNGKOOK!!!

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