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Elizabeth I by an Unknown Artist, c.1585. Own your own smock from this iconic painting through Designs From Time. Elizabethan era: 1558-1603

Chemise, Smock, Queen Elizabeth I, Authentic Sleeve Blackwork Reproduction, Elizabethan, Renaissance - MADE TO ORDER

Elizabeth I by an Unknown Artist, (Elizabethan Club of Yale) - my new FAVORITE portrait of Good Queen Bess

ЧАСТЬ 3. Династия Тюдоров.1558- 1603. Елизавета I.Лишения,перенес.в молодые годы,выработали в Елизавете твердость характ.и суждений.Со временем твердость переросла в стремление к самовластию,однако стремление повелевать никогда не затмевало ясность мысли.При ней начался расцвет англ.культуры:в годы ее правл.в Англии жили и творили Шекспир,Фрэнсис Бэкон;сэр Фрэнсис Дрейк совершил кругосвет.плавание, началась англ.колонизация Америки.

Unknown Artist — The Portraits Elizabeth I, Queen of England,

Queen Elizabeth I, "The Rainbow Portrait" Attr. to Isaac Oliver: c.1600.  Hatfield House.

Isaac Oliver aka Olivier of French Huguenot Descent Queen Elizabeth I, The Rainbow Portrait, 1600 Painting

Portraits of Queen Elizabeth The First, Part 2: Portraits 1573-1587

Queen Elizabeth with a fan, attributed to John Bettes the Younger (Hever Castle, Kent)

Tudor - Queen Elisabeth I.

Tudor - Queen Elisabeth I.

Lucas de Heere (Flemish, 1534-1584) - Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603)

Lucas de Heere (Flemish, - Queen Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I - The Virgin Queen

21 Things Only Kids Who Grew Up In The 1590s Will Understand

Artist: Unknown, Queen Elizabeth I. This painting, of several similar portraits of this type now known, was found in a seventeenth-century farmhouse in England in Date: between circa 1585 and circa


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Nicholas Hilliard "Elizabeth I" 1599-1600 by Art & Vintage, via Flickr

Elizabeth I: "The Hardwick Portrait", by Nicholas Hilliard and his workshop; commissioned by Bess of Hardwick, who also embroidered the skirt the queen is wearing in the portrait. The painting can be viewed still at Hardwick Hall.

My old world

File:George Gower Elizabeth I Drewe Portrait.

The Penshurst Place portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, c.1578

The Penshurst Place portrait of Queen Elizabeth I,

Portrait de Elizabeth I, 1570 peintre inconnu Détail

This is "The Penshurst Portrait" of Queen Elizabeth l, circa Artist Unknown. It's pretty nice, and probably a more accurate portrait of what she really looked like.

Elizabethan Doll Gown

I have to make an Elizabethan costume for a Barbie in costuming.

Girl with Cherries.

A Little Girl with a Basket of Cherries. By an unknown Netherlandish artist, I wish I had a little girl SO badly sometimes! Could do this as a doublet with venetians or paned slops for a little boy?

.História da Moda.: A Moda na Era Medieval – Parte 3: Anos 1350 a 1450 (Late Gothic) Hénnin de cone ou pré hénnin

A Moda na Indumentária Medieval – Parte 3: Anos 1350 a 1450 (Late Gothic)

The Late Middle Ages Hennin Chemise Cone shaped Headdress

Vrouw uit Broek, anoniem, 1550 - 1574 What on earth are those giant lacing discs???

Woman with onions and carrots and weird lacing holes, century from a set of 24 panel paintings of Noord-Holland women currently on display in the Kaasmuseum (cheese museum) in Alkmaar, Netherlands.