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Pokemon Christmas

Pokemon Trainers shouldn't leave Rare Candy just lying around. Cyndaquill is the only non levelled up pokemon! He's a good boy (or girl.

If you wish that Pokemon were real

If you wish that Pokemon were real

i have Jirachi in pokémon diamond xD if they really could do this thats YYYAAYY

Ash's Pokemon ranking by Win Percentage

Ash's Pokemon ranking by Win Percentage

captainpiika: “I made this back in December and never posted it! It’s Ash’s Pokémon, ranked by win percentage! I used these statistics that were going around a while back, as well as my own calculations for all of Ash’s XY Pokémon.

Owning a Pokemon vs. Owning a Real Pet

Pokémon games make being a Pokémon trainer look like an absolute fantasy—especially next to owning a real pet. And sure, there are some aspects about being a Pokémon trainer that aren't as messy as what comes with being a real pet owner.

Pokemon X DC X Marvel

"If Pokémon were superheroes" Disregard franchise differences in the name of Pokemon! <-- I'm not even educated in the ways of Pokemon but that description. <----- You need Pokemans in ur life.

The other side has mega Gallade Drawing Gardevoir from behind is HARD.

Apparently when i wasn't looking Tajiri came up from behind and put all this stuff on my Gardevoir. I'm totally on board the "Gardevoir Waifu" train now. It's the most humanoid p.

The Seven Types of Pokémon Players #Pokemon Comic--- I'm definitely the last type, and sometimes the nicknamer.... I'm not kidding, I have a Shiny Sharpedo named Sharkeisha.

The Seven Types of Pokémon Players

The 7 Types of Pokemon Players. I'm the fourth sometimes and the last. I enjoy the cool Pokémon but I typically will have a team in mind when starting a new game. It's not always one type but I love dragon and fighting types.