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Lol, NOTE though, how Kazuma doesn't say anything in response, which means he HAS got a lot of stress taking care of Bishamon | Kazuma and Yato | Noragami

You: *blushes and looks away* Me: *watches and observes the episode intently* You: What are you, a pervert? Me: *smirks* No, I'm just observant, that's all.

12 Anime Characters With Amazing Eyes

12 Anime Characters With Amazing Eyes

Yato's eyes are the prettiest, sexiest damn things ive ever seen<<< they're my favourite set of eyes in the univers

why people are so talented XDXDXD lmao

Yandere Comic - Kokona's Tragic Story by DancerQuartz on DeviantArt lol Kuudere-Chan

Wtf juvia and gray

Gruvia fluff fest - Cookies n koma manga series* Parenthood is a…

The whole crew || Noragami

Noragami - Bishamonten 8 battle Shinki In order from top to bottom;

Noragami Noragami Aragoto

Noragami: Police AU by Dessa-nya on DeviantArt

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