Beautiful butterflies on thigh. Random patterns add depth and dimension that otherwise would be lost if butterflies were in a straight row.

Love the way it looks like its in flight, I would also try and put a little skull or something in the wings design, make it look like it's a part of it

10 Realistic 3D Tattoo Designs

Don't forget to fly with wonderful butterfly tattoo designs. There are diverse meanings of butterfly tattoos in different cultures and regions.

I want this on the inside on my wrist

I think I want this on my forearm. in white ink, with boys initials, gkj and ewj in two hearts on either side of "faith"

Tattoo red poppies shoulder cap

Flower tattoo has always been one of the popular choices for women tattoo idea. From time to time cupped shape poppy flower came into our view among the beautiful tattoos. Poppies have long been cultivated in many parts of the… Continue Reading →