And we loved with a love that was more than love

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Ren and Calla after Ren asks her what she was doing in the half is cavern and he apologized for hurting her

You Could Never Tame by Novawuff

What if they were wolves until the full moon and were men for three days? 'You Could Never Tame' by Novawuff on deviantART.

see the truth and bravery through the eyes of a wolf

Surreal Animal Illustrations by Anastasia Korochansckaja. Anastasia Korochansckaja is a freelance illustrator based in Bellingham, United States

Wolves | copyright Colin Bogle

Realistic Wolf Paintings, Wolf Art Prints, Howling Wolves, Running Wolves Painting and Grey Wolf Fine Artwork by Artist Collin Bogle

Slobbering Darkness

call of the wild, white wolf . If Eyes Could Talk **well, They DO** He Speaks Volumes

Description  A dusting of snow lies on the face of a gray wolf, Canis lupus. Photo by Jim & Jamie Dutcher

'A dusting of snow lies on the face of a gray wolf, Canis lupus.' by National Geographic / National Geographic / Jim And Jamie Dutcher*


live-wild-dance: “heaven-ly-mind: “Stalking by Daniel Ruf on ”

Makita....I love and miss you so much. I'm sorry.

Look Into My Eyes Winter Wolf Wallpaper Wolves Animals Wallpapers) – Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Beautiful Wild Wolf!

Beautiful Wild Wolf!