David y Debbie. Yes, David Bowie and Deborah Harris. SB

“Debbie Harry and David Bowie backstage during the Idiot tour, 1977 Photo by Chris Stein.

Deborah Harry by Robert Maplethorpe

Sensational new wave and alternative rock artists Blondie and Garbage are bringing their signature sounds to the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion!

Debbie Harry & David Bowie then & now

Debbie Harry & David Bowie then & now c'est toujours lui le plus beau, then and now.

Helen Verde ha creado este estupendo gif animado con cada uno de los peinados de David Bowie desde 1964 a 2014.

50 Years of David Bowie’s Hairstyles in a Single GIF. To celebrate his birthday last week, illustrator Helen Green created an animated gif of every one of David Bowie’s hairstyles from

debbie_harry_playboy_bunny_blondie ( want to see MUCH MORE ) click the pic.

Debbie Harry de Blondie: Sus desnudos pre Blondie ………

Blondie, When I was 6 I thought you were so cool I wanted you to be my mum. You made watching 'Top-pop" worth while!

Deborah Harry

Kate Moss & David Bowie by Ellen Von Unwerth

Supermodel Kate Moss and rockstar David Bowie are both icons in their own fields. Kate, the Queen of Fashion and David, the King of Rock.