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Volkswagen Car Ad "You Don’t Have To Take It... (1961)

Description: 1961 VOLKSWAGEN vintage magazine advertisement "shakedown cruise" -- You don't have to take it on a shakedown cruise. Maybe you think mysterious noises are part of the price you pay for a new car.

1962 Volkswagen Beetle original vintage advertisement. Explains why you will never see an over-chromed two-tone Beetle. Photographed in black & white.

Vintage VW Beetle Ads

The legendary VW ad campaign of the by New York’s Doyle Dane Bernbach – How many brilliant ways can you sell a car?

Anuncio DDB. USA Década del 60

Anuncio DDB. USA Década del 60

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1961 Volkswagen Beetle advertisement x

VW Beetle 1956 Cepillo  Beetle, the world's goldigstes & most popular car since 1938  wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vw_beetle  off'l: http://web.vw.com/coupe/beetle  history: http://vwbeetlehistory.com

Old VW Beetle Ad- mine looks like this one!

VW squareback ad

Volkswagen - Transporter become Squareback.


Volkswagen, for Greg

1968 Volkswagen Beetle advertentie. De Volkswagen Beetle wordt geproduceerd sinds 1938).

1966 Volkswagen VW Bug beetle car print ad Do You Earn Too Much To Afford One?

60s car ads | See A Brief Cultural History Of An Auto Giant: The Volkswagen Beetle ...

See A Brief Cultural History Of An Auto Giant: The Volkswagen Beetle

volkswagen ads from the past 1 Vintage Volkswagen Ads photos)

Since the 60s, Volkswagen has always incorporated similar elements into their advertising strategy. They use honesty, minimalism and clever one liners to captivate their consumers. This new VW advert works because it is so classic. Anyone can recognize a VW ad when they see it. It doesn't need to shout to get the message across because they are better than that.

Volkswagen Beetle poster***Love the Bug

A definition of a fastback by Road & Track addresses this distinction: "A closed body style, usually a coupe but sometimes a sedan, with a roof sloped gradually in an unbroken line from the windshield to the rear edge of the car. A fastback naturally lends itself to a hatchback configuration and many have it, but not all hatchbacks are fastbacks and vice versa."[

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Volkswagen---dark grey---our second car....Pat

Volkswagen---dark grey---our second car.



Volkswagen Beetle Ad - Sealed Bottom

Scorching hot, Orange Ferrari FF!


Volkswagen of America ads,

=-=vintage 1971 Volkswagen advertisement bug

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