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Carla is a tall, slender young man with white hair with dark purple-brown fringes at the tips. He has sharp golden eyes. Those eyes resemble snake eyes.

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DIABOLIK LOVERSの画像(diabolik loversに関連した画像)

DIABOLIK LOVERSの画像(diabolik loversに関連した画像)

#wattpad #vampiros Encontrarás Los Fondos De Pantalla Más Cool B'v De Wattpad ( oh! eso espero)   NOTA: Espero Les Guste Esta Idea Nueva, Como En Wattpad No Hay Este Tipo De Historias Decidí Ser La Primera (oh! creo yo)

fondos de pantalla de;; Diabolik Lovers - FONDOS

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Fanart de Carla Tsukinami

Carla Tsukinami - Diabolik Lovers

"My only joy in this pathetic, miserable life. Is the temptation of witnessing your mind and body break before me, until you're mine and only mine~" - Carla

Sakamaki Brothers | Diabolik Lovers. oxygennnn.... T__T

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"Graves are so deeply dark and smell of death. I think they're geat, don't you? I love graves. They're so cold and quiet, and indifferent to terror"