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Guthrie Hershey - a dazzling perlino tobiano Gypsy Vanner Stallion! Hope of Glory Gypsy Horses Photo by Mark J. Barrett-----OMG, he's stunning!

In past we showcased 50 adorable horse pictures and 25 beautiful horses pictures and today we are showcasing 20 wonderful horse photography examples for

These arent white horses. there is no such thing as white horses. There is either grey or albino horses. haha many people get confused about that


This reminds me of Darkstar, Emperor Raven's new and devoted steed in He was formerly Prince Krowmeole's Familiar.

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Schwarzwalder Fuchs stallion (Black Forest Horse) by Merel Bormans

Farley)) I'm the herd lead mare now. So y'all listen to me! And also listen to Maddie, Shadow, and Jordyn.

Silver Chocolate Dappled Draft Horse: I think this horse is a really rare breed. I've never seen a horse's coat like this before.

buckskin quarter horse - Google Search

A Buckskin is a "bay" with one creme gene and a Perlino is a "bay" with two creme genes. Like Cremillos, Perlinos have pink skin and blue eyes. Their hair coats are not literally white but are of a light creme color.

Friesian horse stallion black baroque-Baroque style are my favorite. Looks like a knight's horse. This horse would be amazing to ride!

Ying and Yang.

The spotted horse returned in not as the "Tiger Horses," but with a new bloodline. A mare was purchased of Spanish origin with unusual markings. Her colt was the foundational Sire for the new spotted breed.Seeing spots has never felt so good!