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Joey Votto-Rotational Hitting Mechanics Joey Votto shows the importance of rotating the lower half of his body before his hands come through the zone. This tip is continued at

Success Story More daily free hitting tips and tricks can be found at

3 STEP HITTING MECHANICS. When we refer to hitting mechanics in 3 steps, we teach and break each body movement down into 3 steps. This allows us to isolate any bad habits or problems as well as create as much separation between each step forcing the hitter to create as much Rotational Torque as possible. This post is continued at:

This pic shows where you should make contact with an outside pitch! It is almost impossible to hit an outside pitch hard if you do not make contact deep in the strike zone...Our teams spend 95% of their practice time working on this...The other 5% is focused on bunting, 2 strike approaches, and inside pitch focus. More tips can be found at

Why you shouldn't be teaching your youngster to swing like Prince Fielder? This blog post is continued at

Muscles we use when we rotate to hit a baseball? This pic shows the Lateral Rotators of the Hips. These 9 muscles located on both sides of the pelvis are responsible for rotating the hips, controlling posture, walking and running. Most hitters have no idea how to isolate these muscle groups into their strength training. The bottom line is that a hitter must incorporate the right exercises within their training. More FREE tips and tricks can be found at:

Does your baseball team play like the Bad News Bears? (Free Gift) This blog is continued at

Did you ever really analyze the hitting mechanics of some of the best MLB hitters in baseball? This pic shows how similar the Pro's do swing. 90% of their mechanics are very similar if not the exact same. These 4 comparisons show Albert Pujols, Mark Trumbo, Kevin Youkilis, and one of my students. Notice how similar the students mechanics are. This is what we call STEP 3 in the mechanics sequence. More FREE hitting tips and tricks can be found at

Squash the bug or not? How can u get maximum hip rotation if you don't pivot your back foot? Anatomically, our bodies do not allow us to rotate our hips like a hitter needs if we do not pivot the back foot. Try it yourself by putting your hands on your hips and rotate your hips. Notice the difference when you do pivot the back foot...Albert Pujols sure looks like he pivots in this image. More tips and tricks at