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May the fourth be with you.

Star Wars protagonists and their personal archenemies

Because every house needs a Death Star disco ball.

This DIY Death Star globe.

Geek Home Decor: Make your own Star Wars DIY Death Star Globe for the boys room


Check out the best (and dumbest) Star Wars puns in this funny Smosh gallery!

Custom Star Wars Clock = Spraypaint & Glue + Micro Machines

DIY Star Wars starships and fighters clock. Omg you could do this with Star Trek ships too. So awesome!

We all have dreams - C-3PO as Iron Man

is a very underrated character for all the humor he brings to the series star wars nerd iron man crossover avengers

Target practice (Jedi training)

Free ideas for Star Wars birthday party games and activities for a kid's Star Wars party theme

This Death Star Cookie Jar is fully armed and operational to house you

Death Star Cookie Jar - That’s no moon! It’s a cookie jar shaped like the death star! This jar comes straight from the Star Wars Shop, it’s entirely from durable Polyresin and features a counter-friendly flat base for proper counter storage.

Legend of Zelda by Jerrod Maruyama Almost chibi Zelda and Link

Here& some character art I didn& use for last year& Show at Bottleneck Gallery (NY).

R2-D2 Vacuum.

Final Frame: Jedi Housekeeping

I might actually vacuum if I had this! I want. I want. I want. I want.

Taking out the trash. | 24 Things Nerds Do Better Than You

24 Things Nerds Do Better Than You

Funny pictures of odd garbage cans, trash cans, wastebaskets, dumpsters, bins all cute and prepared to collect the waste. Have fun when taking out the garbage