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The CW has released new promotional shots of Supernatural's Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Mark Sheppard, and we've gathered them here.

meanwhile Misha Collins at the SPN Conventions LOL oohh Misha you're so adorkable ^_^ <3 #Supernatural

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Misha has a very good point. which kind of scares me.<<< Said men might want to watch the show first though, I'm willing to bet most of us can smell bullshit from a mile away


This is the most amazing thing to ever grace this board, it's not even easter but I don't care.

OMG. Jealous Cas is Awesome!

I don't ship Destiel but this just cracked me up! I hate Benny! He'll never be as good a friend as Cas! <<<< I do ship Destiel and don't hate Benny, but this is still freaking hysterical

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I definitely just tried calling that number... Doesn't work anymore<<<<I just got this scary screeching noise.

16 things you didn't know-Supernatural: Eric Kripke's first version of the Supernatural pilot script ended with the Winchester brothers finding their Dad. He was dead on the ceiling!

Oh god, but it's horrible at the same time cause Sam's soul was such a heavy burden...

I didn't think of it as leg... internet has ruined me

Funny pictures about Sam's hand print. Oh, and cool pics about Sam's hand print. Also, Sam's hand print.

That last one is definitely the best

Supernatural subtitles :"D - oh man, seriously these are hilarious! I need to start watching with subtitles. -[Dean randomly dies in shower] is the funniest subtitle in the history of Supernatural subtitles

This video KILLS me! Misha's freak-out throws me into hysterics. And Jared's face when he does! "I think there's subliminal messages" Hahaha the things parents do for their children XD

This video KILLS me every single time I watch it! Misha's freak-out throws me into hysterics. And Jared's face when he does. oh gosh I babysit his little disabled girl and she have baby signing time memorized it is insane