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Beautiful Scenery in the World | ... Skyline at night Top 8 Places with Most Beautiful Scenery in the World

Paris is one of the most amazing cities around the world, and is my personal favorite city. The way the Eiffel Tower and the rest of the city lights up at night is amazing.

Puzzle Educa de 1000 Piezas Torre Eiffel, Paris (Piezas Miniaturas)

Jigsaw puzzle of 500 pieces made by Educa: 500 pcs - Eiffel Tower, Paris - Black and White (by Educa). A 500 pieces jigsaw puzzle made by Educa (reference Size: 48 x 34 cm (= x inch). Special series: Black and White.

Old, but gold

14 Juillet 2014 Feux d'artifice Paris Tour Eiffel I was up at the front of the Eiffel Tower for the fireworks, it looks like such a small show from this distance when up close it was the most amazing show I have ever seen.

Eiffel Tower

I'm just back from a little Paris Thanksgiving dinner with good American friends (that I met thanks to PDP actually). We went to Le Café.

So peaceful looking

Eiffel Tower by Night – one of the fabulous places you can visit with a SHI Symbol special offer.Eiffel Tower by Night – one of the fabulous places you can visit with a SHI Symbol special offer.

Eiffel Tower at dusk

The Eiffel Tower,Paris,France it is a beautiful tower and i will love to learn French so i can speak it in Paris

Eiffel Tower in a different perspective

a bird's eye view of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France Sometimes a fresh perspective really makes something more interesting

Paris Eiffel Tower Carrousel

Paris Eiffel Tower Carrousel

Le bouquet final des feux d’artifice devant la Tour Eiffel

Le 14 juillet devant la Tour Eiffel

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