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Venn Diagram/Infographic: How would you like your graphic design? uxrave: “ Pick two - How would you like your graphic design?

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Graphic design is what my mother tells her friends i do.* *She really has no idea what i do. Love you anyway, Mom.

Design Free Thursday | Confessions Of A Designer. | yellowtrace blog »

Design Free Thursday

If you think it's that simple, then do it yourself. Confessions of a Designer by Anneke Short, via Behance

Updated Software Development Cartoon, a classic inspired in a marketing cartoon.

Updated version of classic software design in practice. I have used this for client presentations at introductory meeting just to drive home the importance of communication. If you understand -- verify.

LEARN about colors around the world! #color #colortherapy #colortherapymonth

Believe it or not, colors do not mean the same thing in every culture and religion. This infographic provides a deeper look into the meaning of colors around the world.

Top 9 Features Mobile Consumers Want On Your Mobile Website

Les 9 éléments essentiels à posséder sur un site mobile

WEBSITES - "Top 9 Features Mobile Consumers Want On Your Mobile Website (Infographic) image mobile website features

سيكولوجية الالوان #انفوجرافيك

Psychology of Color [Infographic] - ever wonder why dining rooms tend to be red and kitchens yellow? This infographic explains the psychology beneath popular home paint color choices!

Responsive design has a lot of different facets to it. Sites can be highly responsive and still not work for the audience correctly. I liked this infographic because it goes over the all-important planning-process. Knowing your audience is essential in making a website responsive to them. We saw an example of a site not being very responsive in the new Obamacare website. Maybe they should have taken notes from this graphic, and paid more attention to the pre-production process.

05 responsive design process infographic 10 Infographics for Learning About Responsive Web Design farshidramezani


Infográficos sobre internet

Interesting to see predictions for me lifetime! BBC - Future - Technology - Tomorrow’s world: A guide to the next 150 years.

What's the difference between web designers and web developers? | Web design | Creative Bloq ^

What's the difference between web designers and web developers?

The Difference Between Web Designers And Web Developers Infographic Webdesigner Webdeveloper 6

The anatomy of a cupcake @Jenni Petersen  For your store!

these catching up things

Tell me this doesn't make you smile? Anatomy of a Cupcake is a fun poster from Allen Hemberger and Sarah Wilson. It was created as a birthday present for a

The 12 IT #Jobs that Fast Track Your #Career [#INFOGRAPHIC] on http://theundercoverrecruiter.comcoverrec  @Undercover Recruiter

The 12 top IT jobs that will fast track your career. Encouraging news for Computer Science students and recent graduates!