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Lace nails...sooooo glam!!

-Jen ] Lace Nails - What a neat idea! I'd have to find the perfect time to try this.What about white lace on black nails for a Halloweeny wedding, maybe?


Top 60 Easy Nail Designs For Short Nails - 2018 Update

I love these 17 St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Designs. So cute!

I love these 17 St. So cute! And great for the hostess or any one attending a party this year!

Lace accent nail .. I want to do this!!

Lace accent nails- I like the red but I think a softer color would be very pretty too maybe nude or cream lace detailing over it.

Different colors have different meanings. Colors have been proven to affect the user’s moods, and they can evoke certain feelings. Different colors also show off different personality of the user, and reflect what feelings the user may have. Today, we are going to tell you what does green nail polish say about you and how...Read More »

100+ Awesome Green Nail Art Designs

If I actually bothered ti paint my nails... and if I actually bothered to put effort in when I rarely paint my nails... this would be something I would do.

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vaporwave nails

vaporwave nails

How to paint an easy Lace nail art design + tutorial

MadamLucks Beauty Journey: How to paint an easy Lace nail art design + tutorial

Blå ros

Blue Wave Nail Art Design If done in red or purple or pink would look like a rose