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ઇઉ ઇઉ Creme de Espinafre Receita Frango com Molho Sabor Frango - / ઇઉ ઇઉ Creamed Spinach Smothered Chicken Recipe -

Cabrito assado no forno (goat) - Portugal

As Minhas Receitas: Ervilhas com Ovos Escalfados - Peas, chorizo and poached eggs - Portuguese easy food

lulas recheadas. Stuffed squid in a tomato sauce. My late Portuguese mother in law made a most delicious lulas dish, and we have been unable to recreate it exactly 'like mother made'! It had delicate flavours and involved chopping up the tentacles and side fins, stewing them until soft, mincing them, combining with bread soaked in milk, seasoning with nutmeg etc, and stuffing them into the body, securing them with toothpicks and stewing them in a delicious tomato sauce. Serve with plain…

Good snack or side to any meal. Cucumber, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper and chile powder on top! ....Just leave off olive oil

Favas salteadas com alheira frita

Recipe follow fail! >_< - In our defense we couldn't find egg roll wraps and had to use spring roll wraps... Still tasted okay!

Molotof com Ovos Moles. Promises to be a most delicious and dangerous thing! As if Molotof was not sweet enough, let's smother it in egg yolk sweet. There is no end to the Portuguese sweet tooth! A true case of 'over-egging the pudding'. That said, I'd not say no.

barbecue, bacon, and blue cheese potato salad

barbecue, bacon, and blue cheese potato salad - Climbing Grier Mountain