#norman rockwell paintings  "I Like IKE"

Norman Rockwell "Dwight David Eisenhower" What Eisenhower said so often is clearly applicable today. Time and time again he reminded us about the dangers of a over powering military industrial complex.

Portrait of John F.Kennedy - Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell Exhibit- Winnipeg Art Gallery

Portrait of John F. Kennedy by Norman Rockwell, John F. Kennedy once said, "We shall go to the moon and do the other things this decade. Not because they are easy but because they are hard Sometimes you have to do things BECAUSE they are hard.

Norman Rockwell Best Paintings Ever | richard m nixon 1968 norman rockwell cowles communications inc norman

Richard Nixon and Mc Carthy and Humphrey from the book Norman Rockwell's America by Blossomsvintageprint on Etsy

Portrait of Mitch Miller

Norman Rockwell picture of Mitch Miller. Fun on two levels, as my family was one of the ones gathering in front of the new tv thing to "sing along with Mitch" to the bouncing rubber ball.