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Robin was Arkham's final victim. (I am at the dentist sitting in the chair already about to get a cracked tooth fixed it hurt's so much I can't wait till they start. I hate the dentist but I need this.

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Batman Arkham Knight Armor

Is this supposed to be the Anti-Batman "wrath"? because I love it ------- << Original Comment >> ------- Batman Arkham Knight Armor

Bienvenue à toutes et tous sur cette 97ème sélection des DC Fan Arts assez orientée sur le Chevalier Noir puisqu'aujourd'hui nous fêtons ses 75 ans. Vous n

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I’m so looking forward to the final Rocksteady Arkham game! I saw the image of the new original character to the game, the Arkham Knight and I just had to draw him.

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Batman- arkham knight>>>> captain batman of America

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The Arkham Knight, who is he? A Cyborg? He looks fricken awesome!