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Chara hell by FlamingArtsDraws.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

some of my favorite vearsons of chara^^ What do you think? From left to right: Topp: Ask Frisk And Company (AFAC) Chara.

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This girl, Theodosia, is using her telepathic powers to slaughter her enemies


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Chara - Welcome to Hell

I hate it when people give Chara red eyes, they're freaking brown!

Chara | Undertale | VK

My personal work and UT trash: drawings, sketches, doodles, pixel art and WIPs

This look awesome! Love this style!

This looks awesome! <<< still need to figure out how to do the chara style of Undertale

Chara | Undertale | VK

Frisk is having the time of her life. with people who died a long time ago. there not even real. there just ghosts

Huton0309, Undertale, Chara (Undertale), Striped Sweater, Hand On Cheek, Brown Footwear

Undertale, Chara (Undertale), Striped Sweater, Hand On Cheek, Brown Footwear Chara is the equivalent of Satan


Read Undertale (Part from the story [Hoàn] Undertale Au's (Quyển by NgcQuynPage (♡Pinky My♡) with 381 reads.

Step 5: The theme of "Eleven" is no matter how old you are, there are still part of yourself that you feel insecurity. Even when we become adults, some of our insecurity takes us back to when we were younger as children or the past. Just like the narrator of Eleven, she felt so insecure in herself to speak up that the sweater is not hers. She was turning 11 years old that day and yet she don't feel 11, which her crying brought her back to when she was three years old.

for even the flowers have forgotten you are you sure you're still alive? Second part of my terribly self-indulgent UT fanart My child. Chara is my Big Fav if you hadn't realized ^Q^;