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You can touch: Climon, Clace, Saia, Clizzy, Saphael, Jaia...But...DON'T TOUCH MY MALEC!!!!

by Kai-Riin Kanarbik 🦁 about Shadowhunters

What I want from Santa on Christmas | I want a Herondale | TID TMI Shadowhunters

lemme rephrase that. a Herondale husband: William Herondale!

I know this is Mortal Instruments but Alex Fierro and Magnus Chase for life

Saw this same thing but with Percy and Annabeth. Love it with TMI characters too! << I imagine it would also go well with Will and Nico.

Ragnor and Raphael Santiago bashing on Malec on Twitter | TMI Shadowhunters

LOVE Malec I just can't believe. well, no spoilers😶 I'll just say that I hate Alec but LOVE Magnus.