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In remembrance of my dad's heart attack. Might be nice but might also be a bit much to be reminded how he died

My dad passed away from a heart attack. I wanted something to represent. I thought of this tattoo on my way to my appt. So starting from the left is his heart beat at birth (1948), and his initials on the left side of the heart. Going to the right would be the bad heart, then flat line, which is how the doctor described he arrived, all on 10/18/2012. Above states "Fly With Angels".

Heartbeat tattoos for men symbolize that life is precious and it shows off a brilliant combination of emotions and science.


I may do this tattoo sans words feet. Also, incorporate the ED recovery symbol and colors of recovery (purple) and survivors (blue teal).

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This tattoo (a electrocardiogram with a heart) is a reminder for me that love is the essence of life. I lost faith in love for some time ago and that is why I got it Its on the ribcage (the side) Shirley- kbh

In my fathers hand writing "my first love, my forever hero"

In my fathers hand writing "my first love, my forever hero" "Better together"