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for any member of any group no matter their popularity(individual or group members) just spread the love with a positive saying. and/or praise

☆ 신시아 ☆

☆ 신시아 ☆ Leo is me during pictures!

RealVIXX (@RealVIXX) | Twitter

Teaser )) VIXX Concept Photo for Mini Album 桃源境 (Paradise on Earth/Eden)

VIXX - The Star Magazine 2014 that tattoo makes ravi look sexy as hell!

VIXX - The Star Magazine 2014 OK, eu realmente amei essa tatuagem do Ravi

Hongbin ♡ *touches the computer screen and magically the music from the Titanic starts playing* XD

VIXX naked comeback teasers for 'Hyde' + mini album tracklist

RealVIXX TWITTER UPDATE 17/3/2015 ----------나는 로빅이다. 오늘 더쇼에서 #이별공식 으로 8번째 트로피를 받은 #빅스 요원들의 모습이다. 별빛파워!!!

RealVIXX on

This picture is a symbol of my life because N is in the center of it

This is just so important I really connect with this gif of N. Also Ken's face (Bake Face With Flour)

the ever fabulous cha~ hnngbin: they couldn’t afford glitter. XD Ken is just like "wtf are u doing?