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Ganz and Gaster

Ganz and Gaster

sans, undertale, gaster

Baby sans doing the opposite Gaster: I am really happy he moved but scared and annoyed at the same time.he is getting really smart Sans:. *levitates into his father's lap* Gaster: sans you lazy bones.

QuantumTale: Something's to 'Ketchup' by perfectshadow06

Look like the little Timebug is slowly exposing his existence to the Alternate Universes XD Hmmm~ I wonder what the sibling-like relationship of these two would turn out? It probably would be to di.

What if Mettaton showed up with his camera crew just like OHH YES WHAT HAVE WE HERE SOME MISTLEOE MISCHEIF OHOHOH

Just to clarify, I don't ship Sans and Frisk! I just thought this was a cute comic.

Undertale Gaster Blaster - From the Void by Hyroglyphs

Undertale Gaster Blaster - From the Void

Lol I can relate to this so much :')

That's why Sans always wears slippers. Now I understand.

underswap, sans, undertale, gastersans, gasterpapyrus

Underswap Sans, Echotale G Sans and Papyrus

Frisk and Chara - comic:

Oh gosh that last panel though. I'm actually NOT A CHARA FAN but the true lab was very terrifying to me.


Is Papyrus Crying?

Anamnesis - 22 - 25 by on @DeviantArt

Next: Anamnesis - 26 - 37 Prev: Anamnesis - 18 - 21 --- EDIT: english fixed Author Note: Somehow, This is my last update for this comic, no, that doesn’t mean this i.

Companion by on @DeviantArt

I would like you to leave your headcanon in this picture Companion

m2bBqbZ.jpg (798×4816) Oh, ahora todo tiene sentido xd

Hey look, Sans is fulfilling his promise to the lady! Be prepared to rescue them more.

"How could I have been mad at him? I know that I should have been, but in all honestly, I found it quite impressive..." NOT ENOUGH PAPY LOVE!!! I was asked to include papyrus some more, so here is ...

I am leaving tomorrow for the holidays and will try and finish, but my laptop may not make the trip. Skelefam- Don't have to hide pt 20

Sans fans in a nutshell by on @DeviantArt

Sorry I had to I just wanted to draw something funny because all my comics are about feeeellsss, and teaarss are everywhere *slurps* . Sans fans in a nutshell

the Gray door by on @DeviantArt

Meta-Kaz asked me what the reaction of the gaster gang would be if they were to be found in goop forms so it made me thought of the gray room! the Gray door

Undertale Racing Source:

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