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Hot pahoehoe lava flows from at Volcanoes National Park, The Big Island, Hawaii. #lava #hawaii

Hot pahoehoe lava flows from at Volcanoes National Park, The Big Island, Hawaii. Took the Lava Tour in ate at The Volcano House.

We are about to explode  - Sculpture by Nancy Fouts

cactus balloon Cactus Balloon by Surrealist Sculptor Nancy Fouts. Check out a selection of her other astounding images at Nancy Fouts Dot Com.


°Pahoehoe Lava - One of the more interesting types of pahoehoe lava is called ropey pahoehoe & looks like a series of twisted ropes spaced evenly along the ground. The twisted ropes may be fairly straight, or may loop & wind in & out much like a fingerpr

Anak Krakatau volcano, November 2007, Tom Pfeiffer

Volcanic Eruption Prediction : The Prediction of volcanic eruptions is challenging because, to be of realistic use, they must be created before eruptions it’s a lot simpler to see patterns in tracking information after an eruption has happened.

En el interior del volcán

Dancing with the Devil Photographer Joi on the edge of the crater of the erupting volcano in Fimmvörðuháls / Eyjafjallajökull. The lava is about at this point.


Fire Art of Earth. Rolls of still red glowing hot lava appear like living blankets. Pahoehoe Lava - Kilauea Volcano on Kauai, Hawaii

Pawel Nolbert | Schedule | OFFF By Night — 22, 23, 24 September 2016

For this Constructed series, Polish graphic artist Pawel Nolbert create his own reality with those gorgeous colorful collages! He quote: “We construct our reality in ou

Mexico May 24, 2012. Popocateptl, and the Cholula's Church, this morning when the volcano was smoking

One of 365 churches in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico. Volcano Popocatepetl, Mexico… Mission's trip in 2010 for 9 weeks. I could actually see this church from my balcony of our apartment. So pretty

~~Hawaii Volcano Fire ~ Big Island by Kevin McNeal~~

~~Hawaii Volcano Fire ~ Big Island by Kevin McNeal~~ Quite a few people who work at Omega want to climb a volcano at some point - would you?


Hot Lava Explodes Against a Cool Hawaiian Shore

flowing lava, Kilauea Volcano near Kalapana in Hawaii (Thorsten Scheuermann).   http://www.georgianewsday.com/news/regional/293109-from-boiling-lava-and-ice-bubbles-to-painted-hills-and-blue-desert-mud-the-spectacular-images-that-celebrate-the-beauty-of-nature.html#sthash.hDdobupB.dpuf

Nature Abstract Patterns by Thorsten Scheuermann. (via Nature Abstract Patterns – Fubiz™)