Explore High Five, Baby Polar Bears, and more!

reminds me of the fawns we used to see in my backyard in CT :)

We can't wait for our Spring/Summer Tracks Walks in God's Nature and to see our Deer Friends again!

This Squirrel has a nest in a wood pile

Peeking out from behind the woodpile, squirrel. peek-a-boo


"Male giant panda Hua Ao reacts as keepers spray down him with a hose to help him stay cool during the hot weather at Yantai Zoo in Yantai, Shandong Province of China- adorable

Knut the Polar Bear as a Cub - Berlin Zoo

In pictures: Knut the polar bear

Our newest house guest...Squeekers!

What a wonderful face. I don't like mice but this little guy put a smile to my face he is so full of cuteness!

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Anyone who knows me knows I love a good high five. Some just need a special one.

Funny quotes via Lynne Knowlton !!

i still love this. some people just need a high five. in the face. with a chair. cause some people deserve it ya know.

He's beauty He's grace He'll punch racists in the face << OMYGOD WHOEVER WROTE THAT DESERVES A HIGH FIVE

He's beauty. He's grace. He'll punch racists in the face. The Twelfth Doctor, ladies and gentlemen was gonna pin this cuz I just knew that that was gonna happen in the episode, but now I'm pinning it for that comment XD