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Full Production Studios Specializing In Analog and Digital Recording. "MAKING DIGITAL MUSIC"

The Audio Temple features a 72 channel SSL Duality recording console. Singer/Songwriter Artist Sessions are typically booked here. This studio is also equipped with an electric grand piano.


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Eldorado Recording Studio is a state of the art recording studio in Burbank, CA that is home to some of the best recordings in the last 50 years.

Control Room at Angelic Studios, Oxford

Miloco specialises in World-Class residential recording studios in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia, from luxury island destinations to stunning rural retreats for unforgettable band sessions

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Recording Studio Model available on Turbo Squid, the world's leading provider of digital models for visualization, films, television, and games.

Master Rock Studios( now closed), Rupert Neve Focusrite Console. Mark Hollis' solo album was recorded here.

As one of the foremost pioneers in recording technology, the sound of Mr. Rupert Neve’s designs have guided the lathe …

The TL Audio desk in the control room at El Mirador recording studio http://www.miloco.co.uk/studios/el-mirador/equipment/

The TL Audio Desk In The Control Room @ El Mirador Recording Studio, Sierra Nevada Park In Southern Spain.

Studio Ray Recording Studio Control Room - Queens New York City

Great Lightinh and Wood Interior Recording Studio Control Room Design, 31 furniture & interior designs in Home Recording Studio Design 2014 gallery

Black Rock Recording Studio Santorini | Miloco The Market Place

color scheme for rec stud Black Rocks Main Control Room featuring a SSL Mixing Desk with Ultimation and Total Recall.

Kt Tunstall´s home.  #audio #studio #music                                                                                                                                                                                 More

My portrait of KT Tunstall in her recording studio is currently on show at the National Portrait Gallery! Alongside a number of other photographer’s including the very talented Mr Spencer Murphy, good.