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Maple Leaf Gardens 1974


George during his Dark Horse Tour performing at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Canada December 6 1974 Photo - Reg Innel / Toronto Star newspaper

I love these very early shots and this one is pretty cool

George Harrison at home, Upton Green, Liverpool 1961

♥♥♥♥George H. Harrison♥♥♥♥

jai-sri-george: “ white-lilies-for-the-romanovs: “ white-lilies-for-the-romanovs: “ My daily George fix ” Love this particular pic because I own a pin exactly like the one on George’s hat. I like to believe that mine is this one that George owned.

Feb 1969: George with an infected back molar which has in turn infected his tonsils.

"George in the hospital February, He had an infected back molar which then infected his tonsils." my poor baby!

George Harrison promoting All Things Must Pass

After the Beatles broke up the band, not Pauls or Johns post Beatles record were the first one to be a George Harrison was the first of the 4 Beatles to have an album go to on the charts with "All things Must Pass"

George Harrison

George Harrison holding a Damaru (Lord Shiva`s drum)

Rare Beatles : Photo

Beatlemaníaca desde eu ainda me surpreendo com fotos incríveis dos Beatles [e que eu NUNCA tinha visto na vida]. Beatlemaniac since I am still surprised by incredible pictures of the Beatles [and that I had NEVER seen in my life].

awjoj: “They don’t know, they can’t see, are you one of them?” — George Harrison

awjoj: “They don’t know, they can’t see, are you one of them?” — George Harrison <<< I love this!