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When Niall sings the part in One Thing "I'm going out if my mind all day and all night" That is us directioners

im not a big fan but he's wearing a Wisconsin Badger shirt. and I'm from Wisconsin. So now I like this guy.

Holy shat I dead , you're all invited to my funeral , bring cake to celebrate dying for a good cause

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson Tell Niall Horan to Dump Chris Brown

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His eyes are gorgeous. I seriously love this boy so much. I wish I could have a chance to actually get to know him, even if it was just friends<< me too man me too<< same being a Niall girl sucks doesn't it -Jenna(:


If I looked out my window and Niall was there. I would probably pass out and fall out of the window. Either that or I would be on the brink of tears faster than he could play his first note.

Ok, that is a ridiculously good pic of Niall. Good golly boy!! And people don't think he's attractive...are they BLIND?!?

Not a 1 direction fan. But, that is a ridiculously good pic of Niall. And people don't think he's attractive.are they BLIND?

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"Over Again(One Direction Vampire Story)Niall Horan Love Story - Introduction" by Macie_Lynn - "Macie was like every other teenager but she was a vampire. She was bit by her old boyfriend Niall Horan…"

Liliana never expected to text Niall Horan She never expect …

Nialler. This is my fave pic of him. He's so perfect.

I love this picture so much. His smile is so perfect. He is so perfect.

:( so true. thats the problem with some bands well.... most singers in general...

:( so true. thats the problem with some bands well. most singers in general.but when I meet Bae Max and Harvey I will date one hopefully !

describes my feelings perfectly!

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