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Fairy Tail

Reminded me of you

Aquarius was pasted down from Lucy's mom. Possibly when Lucy was younger she would play with her moms celestial spirits.This is the saddest and sweetest, cause anyone who watched fairy tail would know how deeply Aquarius cared for Lucy

Das ist so süß *---* Oder Ceyda? *-* x3

Pokemon X Y - Sylveon I thought the evolution method was going to be to let evolve with a pink ribbon or something but it Eevee evolves by friendship and learning a fairy type move to evolve into Syleveon by Madison Thomas

Nanase Haruka, Tachibana Makoto, Hazuki Nagisa, Ryugazaki Rei, and Matsuoka Rin…

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Rei, Nagisa, Rin, Makoto and Haruka with younger versions of themselves.

Photo de l'album Saint Seiya - Google Photos

Cancer DeathMask, Pisces Aprhodite, Capricorn Shura and Pope Saga

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caballeros del zodiaco albafica x minos - Buscar con Google

Wyvern Rhadamanthys, Garuda Aiacos and Griffon Minos

Seiya, Saga, Shun, Hyoga, Kanon, Shiryu e Ikki

Seiya, Saga, Shun, Hyoga, Kanon, Shiryu e Ikki

Eevee Gijinka Adopts - Auction OPEN by Luca-Adopts. on Gaming Mouse Pads