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Commission: Megan by mckadesinsanity on DeviantArt

Commissioned artwork of 's original character, Megan (SIMPLE bust portrait type) For more info on commissions, please visit here: Commission: Megan

Why would you invest all that energy on those plans for the future if you were not somehow blindly convinced that you are still sure to be here in this world for a long time to come?  The great practitioners of the past described themselves as “yogis with the thought of impermanence implanted firmly in their hearts.” They saw clearly the futility of ordinary pursuits. Their minds were entirely turned toward the Dharma.  ~ Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

The true nature of the world is the true nature of the mind. It is never born and is beyond sorrow. Liberation will be attained by seeing the nature of the mind itself, the true nature of phenomena. There is no other peace to attain.

chinese art

In joy and sorrow all are equal, Thus be guardian of all, as of yourself.

chinese art

Tsai-ping Jiang, Mei Fei, Emperor the early Chongfei. Body handsome little thin…