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What Do Jellyfish Eat? Jelly fish are beautiful creatures. There is 90% of water in their bodies but still they flow along with the flow of water. These creatures eat meat and mate constantly. Jelly fish have certain things which they have in common with other animals. #luminesce #jeunesseluminesce #luminescecellularrejuvenationserum #cremainstantlyageless #luminesceserum #serumjeunesse

Jellyfish Art (also known as jellies and sea jellies) are boneless animals that float freely through the world's oceans.


MORNING GALORY - Rose and Jasmine garden Islamabad, Pakistan capital, a morning shot during walk photo by: Muhammad Farooq Azeemi

All of a sudden, i want cotton candy...

Funny pictures about Japanese Water Gardens. Oh, and cool pics about Japanese Water Gardens. Also, Japanese Water Gardens photos.

the places i wanna visit

Maldives, my DREAM vacation spot AND SOON because apparently it's disappearing into the ocean as a result of global warming/climate change. Get your tickets before the Maldives are swallowed by the Indian Ocean!

Os 20 lugares mais coloridos do mundo

Os 20 lugares mais coloridos do mundo

How do you respond to negative people?

"The less you respond to negative people the more peaceful your life will become." There is a tempation to fight back, isn't there. To respond like for like. But this only leads to more negativity coming back at you.