Cilantro Veggie Pulp Pizza (raw, vegan)

Pizza made from leftover veggie juice pulp: veg pulp ¼ cup flax meal 1 cup ¼ tsp sea salt 2 tbsp tamari 1 jalapeno 3 garlic cloves ½ cup nooch 1 yellow bell pepper Juice of 1 lemon 2 tsps sesame seeds

The Raw Pizza Extravaganza (non-dehydrated raw pizza) takes about 30 to 40 minutes to prepare but is well worth it! I have to tell you this pizza trumps any cooked pizza out there! This is what cooked pizza is TRYING to taste like! :)  My family asks me to make this 2 or 3 times a week!  prep-time: 30-40 minutes  INGREDIENTS

Jinjee's Raw Pizza Extravaganza from thegardendiet +Top 25 Raw Vegan Dinner Recipes (Vegan Pie Dinner)

Vegan Nori Rolls (Raw)  INGREDIENTS:  nori rolls    thinly slice the following veggies:  1 sweet red pepper  carrots  romaine lettuce leaves  cucumber  1 avocado  parsley  hummus (or any other raw nut spread)     NUT SPREAD:  5 cloves of garlic  olive oil  fresh squeezed lemon  fresh ground pepper  tumeric  1 cup or so of pine nuts  2 tbsp. or so of flax seeds

Raw Vegan Nori Rolls - I may try it with rice papers. Hard to find nori wraps here.

Taco Fiesta Recipe (raw, vegan, gluten-free)

Taco Fiesta, includes recipe for the salsa, cashew sour cream, and walnut-based taco filling. (GF, Raw) I put the taco fixings in corn tortillas for my husband and he loves them! Also makes a mean taco salad!

Casserole Recipe : Easy Casserole - Mushroom Masala Casserole

Recipe: Recipes I want to Try / Easy Casserole - Mushroom Masala Casserole - tableFEAST

love raw vegan pizza

This Rawsome Vegan Life: pizza with red pepper flax crust, sun-dried tomato sauce, pine nut cheese & veggies

Cashew Sour Cream Recipe            1 cup cashews, soaked      1 cup water      2 tablespoons lemon juice      ½ teaspoon garlic powder      ½ teaspoon onion powder    In a food processor or high powered blender, blend all ingredients into a thick and smooth cream. Add a little more water if needed.

No Face Plate: Plate of raw, Mexi goodness includes raw hot sauce and cashew cream

Raw Vegan Recipes by Rocki: Raw Vegan Pizza with Spinach Basil Pesto

Raw Vegan Recipes by Rocki: Raw Vegan Pizza with Spinach Basil Pesto (Vegan Cauliflower Crust)

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Select nice, large leaves of organic chard. Gently clean chard leaves, remove stem, and marinate. Place mixture on a strip of chard and .

Raw "lasagna". Inspiring. I need to try zucchini someday to see if I like it. It would open up a whole world of possibilities in clean eating.

Raw Vegan Lasagna with Spinach Walnut Pesto and Walnut “Sausage” Rawmazing Raw Food Recipes