Venom Fanart 2009 by Cantas ( me ) VENOM ROCKZ ! The red light isnt blood guys ^^ Photoshop painting in 6 hours no reference Venom Fanart 2009 by Cantas

westcoastavengers: Venom Vs. Anti-Venom

westcoastavengers: Venom Vs. Anti-Venom

— Agent Venom by Paul Moore

Agent Venom by Paul Moore

The inked version of my Outcast forum DSC Agent Venom Inked in Manga Studio Agent venom inked in MS


jthenr-comics-vault: “ Venom by Erik Larsen Marvel Universe Update (December) ”

Agent Venom character art created by Clog Two.

Flash Thompson / Agent Venom, I love villain-Venom, but the Symboite merged with a soldier is even more awesome.

Agent Venom

Flash Thompson as Agent Venom. I haven't read any Venom comics, but they look good and that costume looks awesome!