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Red X from Teen Titans ( Young Justice style)

I still wanna know who this bastard is. Well Red X has got to be one of my most favorite Cartoon-Only-Character. Red X YJ Style

Teen titans red x's brithday he's totally doomed

There’s a robbery downtown. We’ll even play your stupid games.” “If you don’t mind me covering the evidence room with ketchup and peanut butter, sure, you guys can go.” Okay, so I know Red X is all.

Red X, Teen Titans

Red X, Teen Titans Anybody who knows Dc believes that he is Jason Todd and we all know he is Jason

Red X from Teen Titans. Yep. 1,000 times more badass than Robin.

Red X from Teen Titans. times more badass than Robin. <<<< Also, Jason Todd. Y'all need to a get a grip, Dick is the first Robin ya dumbass.

I got: Red X! HELL YEAH! I've always loved this character in the show! =D  Which Teen Titan Character (2003) Are You?

Which Teen Titan Character (2003) Are You?

Curious Habits. I'm sorry for going on a red x rampage...

Red X bein all swag and chill as he breaks into Kitten's car.

Robin and Red X (Jason Todd?)this would make sense right? The teen titans always reassembled thier comIcs in some ways and Jason did pose as night wing before...and batman and thier around the same age but maybe Robin doesn't think that cuz he's suppose to be dead???-3-

Robin and Red X (Jason Todd?) Jason Todd is one of my favorites so I really like this picture! Red X is Jason Todd.

Red x as robin. Would have been so funny in the episode when everyone else dresses like him

I can see Red-X dressing up as Robin while he's out and joining the rest of the Titans.

Teen Titans: Beast boy's theory about who the new Red X is

Teen Titans: Beast boy's theory about who the new Red X is <---Jason Todd? And how did Beast Boy know about Nightwing?

ya-ssui:  F R E N E M I E S  Wish I was as good at colouring TTATT

Robin and Red X. Did someone notice that Red X's voice is like the same as Robin's but more mecanique?<<Bc the same person played him.

Teen Titans: Red X Anti Hero

Even though red x has his moments of being a hero. Like saving beast boy from a train, and taking out the other villains in that race to help robin win even though he could have easily knocked robin off the bike and won and sold the briefcase.

starfire & red x

Starfire & Red X- I somehow liked it, and even though Robstar is my OTP, it's worth going to my board.