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Joomla Quick Publish Admin Module

Joomla Quick Publish Admin Module, an admin side module for makes it easier to publish articles quickly from the Joomla admin panel home.

CBX Admin Branding

Complete admin branding for joomla dashboard !

CBX Admin Left Menu for Joomla

CBX Admin Left Menu is our another unique and innovative extension for Joomla to bring the WordPress like admin menu in joomla admin panel for easy access.

CBX Google Map Display for Joomla

Codeboxr is a Web Service company with focus on Social Media, Web technologies to organically sharing and displaying of site content in various Social

Fixed Float Scrolling – Anything Scroll Spy Plugin for Joomla

CBX Fixed Float Scrolling Scroll Spy Plugin for Joomla

CBX Clean Dashboard for Virtuemart

CBX Virtuemart Clean Dashboard is a Joomla System Plugin to Alter all Virtumart Native Typography, Icons and Style on Admin dashboard.

CBX Popup Module Position for Joomla

This system plugin for Joomla helps show anything in popup. It comes with lots of features to customize the display and popup appearance.

Fixed Vertical Feedback Button for Joomla

Fixed Vertical Feedback Button is a powerful WordPress plugin which will let you setup a vertical feedback button in left/right/middle position of your site

CBX Pinterest Pins Display Module for Joomla

CBX Pinterest Pins Display Module for Joomla

CBX Tweet Display Module for Joomla

CBX Tweet Display Module for Joomla

Crazy Tab Slider Module for Joomla

Crazy Tab Slider Module has been particularly developed for for displaying multiple modules in a single position with tab menu.

CBX Flyout Module Position for Joomla

Flyout Module Position is an innovative system plugin for Joomla which will empower you to load any module from your website in it.

CBX Joomla Drag and Drop Manager Pro

Easy drag and drop joomla default and jomsocial modules sorter. Change module with ease.

CBX Portfolio Display for Joomla

CBX Portfolio Display is a joomla module which provide a flexible and spectacular looking portfolio with filter and sorting function.