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Love how someone looked it up

"No, the one in Miami." Dean telling Garth he went to purgatory. Well, apparently there was a gay bar in Miami called Purgatory.

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Demons kill mom and girlfriend Just wanted to go to college and be a normal guy but got sucked into the supernatural world. Am i talking about Sammy or Kevin?

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lots of love for first Sherlock reading!<=== I thought they were kindergarteners or something.

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Season episode It was so amazing to see Bobby. I am disappointed that Dean didn't see him though. I also didn't realize how much I actually missed Bobby before this episode. <~~ I wanted to cry I was so happy to see Bobby again.

[gif-set] He was just trying to make Sammy’s favorite sandwich.

Supernatural - Bad Boys] - Dean looking out for Sam - also, Peanut Butter-Banana is one of my favorite sandwiches.