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Persassy Percy Jackson

Not only is percy sassy but the movie director from his movies was evil and destroyed our hopes and dreams<< this i just cant

Good job Hazel :) When Frank is done with being the only Canadian born person in the 7 and on the Argo II.

Considering how Octavian died, this is kinda ironic.

Frank is a fortune teller! if you haven't read the blood of olympus, sorry for the spoiler, just hurry up and read it.

I am literally laughing out loud in the school library..... its empty tho

I am literally laughing out loud in the school library. its empty tho>> HAHAHAHAHA

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I can kinda see this from the stereo typical blonde side like I'm a blonde and honestly people always blame a stupid act I do on my hair color<<<I'm brunette and I think I do enough stupid things to be labeled a blonde.

Hogwarts vs Camp Half Blood

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It made me so sad that there was no sally-percy reunion! or camp- percy reunions! or any freaking percy reunions! but lol Sally

Sorry about the language but

Sorry about the language but