I imagine working with Jared is probably the most trying thing any actor could ever do...

Donald Trump would deport this joke


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Intelligent, attractive male who is a total badass, but also an absolute cutie with an intense love for puppies and an undying need to help/save the world to atone for sins thAT AREN'T EVEN HIS FAULT OH I'M GETTING EMOTIONAL

Jensen's face!!!! Jared's face!! I think someone said Jared was hyped on pain meds for his arm but really, in what world would Jared NOT do this anyway, meds or no meds?

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We all have that one friend. I think I am that one friend. >> Scratch that, I KNOW I am that one friend and I love it :)

west and misha collins

Thanksgiving Feast: Episode 3 /// In this episode, West Collins (Misha Collins' son), shows how to cook a perfect Thanksgiving feast!

Sam's face

Sam's face<<< Actually, that's Jared laughing! He just found the moment to be so funny and couldn't stop himself, and the writers kept it in

Most hilarious thing I've seen all day:

(Season 10 rewrite) Sass-tiel 13 by enginesummer on DeviantArt i love the fact that we share the same name =D daddy!Cas making dad jokes is honestly the best thing ever

Yup this is Supernatural! ... I laughed wayyyy to hard at this!

Supernatural is scary. So scary. Very terror. Much intimidation.

Sam, Sammi, Sam Winchester

Sam, Sammy, Sam Winchester -- and all three versions can kill just about anything or anyone

When the biggest problem was just finding your dad..... AND NOT STOPPING THE APOCALYPSE OR THE LEVIATHANS

I'm currently rewatching season 1 with my roommate, who's never seen it before…

Every single time I hear it I giggle with Fangirl glee lol

Eye of the Tiger - Jensen Ackles - Supernatural; I'm not even a big fan and I can't. I can't even scratch my arm without thinking it.