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The Armor of the Paladins of the Aster looked like Silver and Gold, and when Light hit them, it was Blinding.

Hmmm... What to Choose? Every Time I play a Strategy game involving to choose your title

Hmmm... What to Choose?

If i had to choose,wizard, rogue, or paladin. Those 3 have always been my favorite 3 class in any game with a class system

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modern Leather Armor, distantly based on the early Roman empire lorica segmentata style of iron armor. This could work well for paintball under armor

James Billson - Armadura estilo gótico (reconstrucción).

Imperial guards are the strongest and bravest knights of all men, and their armour cost a small fortune. They are trained since they can walk, gaining perfect body.

Elder scrolls daedric artifacts for DND 5e

The most awesome images on the Internet

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