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Lol, what a greaat hiding space

Me struggling thru the day

Me struggling thru the day

LMAO what Killing Stalking / #ks

LMAO what Killing Stalking / #ks

The only word I could muster while reading this episode was “No.

Someone pisses you off. How do you respond?

Who are you in Killing Stalking?

A big fan of Killing Stalking? See what character you would be in the manga! Yoonbum, Sangwoo, etc!

Then I'm going to hell.

Now I feel like being a good person and try and make it to heaven (((people who read it will understand- like it's fine I'll watch u too do ur stuff don't mind me))

Killing Stalking Manga, Studio Ghibli

Killing stalking-yoonbum

✿¡Memes De Killing Stalking!✿

oh no ( bum needs lots of therapy and sang woo needs to be in jail )

While Bum was Stalking and Sangwoo was about to do the Killing.

Killing stalking meme

But why is that me being a smartass when someone is trying to kill me